Independent Monitoring Board - Members (Part-Time Voluntary Appointments)

If you found yourself in prison, wouldn't you want someone to check on your well-being? The Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) for Northern Ireland needs new members on the Boards of all three prison establishments:

  • Hydebank Wood College;
  • Maghaberry Prison; and
  • Magilligan Prison.


IMB Members are allocated to a particular prison which they are required to visit on a regular basis as part of a rota, meet with prisoners, consider their requests and/or complaints and raise any issues of concern on their behalf.

IMB Members also attend adjudications and case conferences held on prisoners who are at risk or detained in the Care and Supervision Units to ensure rules are followed and prisoners treated fairly.

IMB Members engage with the Prison Governor, Prison Officers and other people who work in the prison environment, for example, Prison Chaplains, Probation Officers and Healthcare Staff to carry out their role.

IMB Members provide input into the Board's Annual Report to the Department of Justice, highlighting concerns and making recommendations.

IMB Members undertake a challenging, yet rewarding, role, which represents a great opportunity to give something back to the local community and support those in need.

Person Specification

IMB Members are enthusiastic and open minded, natural communicators who possess sound, objective judgment and come from all sections of the community and all walks of life.

IMB Members require no particular qualifications, but should be concerned about the well-being of others and committed to diversity, equality and human rights.

IMB Members can be retired, of working age, or students. They can be looking to develop new skills and gain new experiences, or seeking to use the skills they already have to help others.

IMB Members must be 18 years of age or over.

IMB Members may occasionally be required to travel to establishments at short notice and, therefore, access to a form of transport is essential.

Time Commitment

IMB Members are expected to carry out two or three prison visits approximately every four weeks as per agreed rota, subject to a full complement of members being available. Members often dedicate more time to the role.

Most duties are undertaken between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. Whilst on rota, Members may occasionally be called in at any time day or night to monitor serious incidents such as riots or death in custody.

IMB Members are also expected to attend a minimum of nine monthly meetings each year and mandatory training events, including induction training.


IMB Members are volunteers and do not receive remuneration for time spent on IMB business; however, reasonable travel and subsistence is payable at Northern Ireland Civil Service rates.

Period of Appointment

IMB Members are appointed for a period of three years and may serve a maximum of three terms (nine years in total), subject to satisfactory performance and adherence to the seven principles of public life. It is anticipated that members will be appointed on 1 April 2019.


IMB Members will usually be allocated to their local prison; however, this may not always be practical or possible.

Security Vetting

IMB Members will be subject to security clearance prior to appointment, given the high level access to prisons.


IMB Members will be provided with induction training prior to appointment and will work alongside an experienced member during initial prison visits.

Guidance and Support

The IMB Executive Council, which is made up of elected representatives of each Board, provides leadership and guidance to ensure consistency of operating procedures across all Boards.

The IMB Secretariat provides secretariat support and processes members' travel and subsistence claims.

Prison Familiarisation Visit

Applicants who have been successful at the sift stage are expected to undertake a mandatory prison familiarisation visit prior to interview.

Find out more

Four short videos, each highlighting the role of four different IMB members, can be viewed at:

How to apply?

For more information on how to join the IMB you can download a candidate information pack and application form from the Department of Justice Website:

Alternatively you can email, telephone 028 9052 8210 or write to:

IMB Recruitment
Department of Justice
Room A4.17a
Castle Buildings

Applications open on Thursday 13 September 2018. THE DEADLINE FOR RECEIPT OF APPLICATIONS IS NOON ON FRIDAY 5 OCTOBER 2018.

We particularly welcome applications from ethnic minorities and people with a disability, who are currently under-represented on the IMB. We would also welcome candidates from a medical, legal or judicial background.